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How Do I Evict My Indianapolis Tenants? Indiana Landlord Education

Today we are talking about how to evict that problem Central Indiana tenant who needs to go. Most evictions can really be avoided before the lease is even signed. Do a thorough job screening your tenants. Look for any red flags up front before you hand them the keys to your property. You’ll want to check their credit and their backgrounds. You’ll want to call references and talk to former landlords.

If a tenant does fall behind – and it will happen – it’s important to act very quickly. You want to immediately begin communicating with that tenant. Find out why the tenant fell behind and what the plans are to get caught up. Regardless of their plan, begin the eviction process. You don’t want to delay that and allow them to tie up your asset while they are telling you everything you want to hear.

hot to evictFiling an eviction is not an overly complicated process, but we always recommend consulting with an attorney to ensure your liability is limited. In Central Indiana, the initial process is held in small claims court, in the Township where the property is located.

One thing we do that is a little outside the box but has been successful over the years is what we call Cash for Keys. It’s a type of relocation assistance program for tenants who have stopped paying rent and need to be evicted. We give them a financial incentive to give back the keys to the property by a specific time, and leave it in good, clean condition. A lot of landlords think this sounds crazy, and that’s understandable. However, you’re typically going to get your property back in good condition and a lot sooner than you would if you went through the entire eviction process. It will also cost you a lot less than an eviction.  So, the overall experience can be a lot more favorable for you and your investment property.


If you have any questions about evictions or how to remove a tenant who isn’t paying rent, please contact us at Indiana Property Management Group, and we’d be happy to tell you more.


Posted by: Jason Warner on October 21, 2014
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