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What Does an Indianapolis Property Management Company Actually Do?

Many people often ask about the specific services that an Indianapolis area property management company can provide. Today, we are talking about what a good property manager should do for an owner of rental property. We have selected six specific categories to talk about.


A good property management company will be skilled at drawing interest to your vacant property. A property manager will take professional photos and create videos and also know how to market your property on the best Internet sites. You want good signage as well. A good property manager will have several avenues in mind when it comes to marketing your property.


There needs to be a solid and legal screening process in place. Your property manager will be able to screen all prospective tenants and choose the one that will make the most successful renter in your property.

IN PM CompanyProperty Condition

You can expect a good Indy property manager to properly document and track the condition of your property throughout a tenancy. There should be inspections and documentation before a tenant moves in and during the tenant’s stay. Then, there has to be excellent documentation at the time a tenant moves out. This will help preserve your asset and limit your liability.

Rental Process

Your property manager has to take care of the entire rental process. That means taking care of phone calls about clogged toilets, collecting rent and following up on delinquencies. A good property manager will also manage an eviction in Central Indiana when it becomes necessary.

Legal Compliance

Property managers will keep you legal. This means limiting your liability and to do this, your property manager must keep track of all the local ordinances and laws as they change. A professional will also communicate with other industry leaders across the country to keep up on best practices.


Your property manager must be willing to communicate often and freely. You should expect complete transparency when it comes to accounting and processes. It’s important that your manager communicates with you and it’s also important that there is consistent communication with your tenants as well. When your tenants feel like they are being listened to, they will be happy and happier tenants stay in your property longer. That’s better for your bottom line.

If you have any questions about what a professional property manager can do for you, please contact us at Indiana Property Management Group, and we’d be happy to tell you more.

Posted by: Jason Warner on November 13, 2014
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