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How to Quickly Rent Out Your Indianapolis Property – 3 Tips

Today we are talking about the three areas to focus on if you want to get your property rented quickly in the Indianapolis area.

Rent Ready

First, you need to pay attention to the inside and the outside of the house and make sure it is rent ready. The landscaping outside doesn’t have to be fancy and ornate, but it does have to be clean, trimmed and maintained well. Your property’s exterior should make people want to get out of the car and come into the house. Once those potential renters are inside, they want to see clean carpet and freshly painted walls. You need to have appliances that sparkle. The kitchens and bathrooms have to be especially spotless. Those are hot buttons for prospective tenants.


Once the property is ready for the rental market, you need to let people know it’s available. You do that by strategically marketing the property to as many potential renters as possible. The hottest way to generate leads right now is through online advertising. When you list your rental online, you’ll get your property filled fast. There are three or four websites that really drive traffic, and we get leads in from dozens of sites; some we’ve never heard of.

Follow Up

Once leads are generated and you’re getting requests for information from people looking for rental homes, follow up quickly. It has become so easy for prospective tenants to make inquiries on multiple houses within a matter of minutes. They are able to ask about 10 or 15 houses at a time. You want to be the first to respond to How to Quickly Rent Out Your Indianapolis Property – 3 Tipsthose inquiries. Make sure you’re getting in touch within minutes, or even within seconds.

The Indianapolis market is strong for rental properties right now. If you focus on these three areas, you’ll be able to fill your property quickly with a great tenant, and increase your profitability.

Contact us at Indiana Property Management Group if you have any questions or you need any help in finding a good tenant fast.

Posted by: Jason Warner on August 5, 2015
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